Month: October 2016


ASK FOR MORE CHALLENGING TASKS It’s always tempting to opt in for the easier assignments and take the longer lunch break, but studies have shown that the people who are happiest in the workplace consistently are the ones challenging themselves. SMILE Researchers say smiling organically “tricks” the brain into making us feel happy. This is also naturally healthy for our bodies as well. Show those pearly whites a bit more! MAKE FRIENDS A survey showed that having at least one good friend at work led to more job satisfaction. Engage in a conversation over lunch and try to find out about someone beyond their work titles. BE YOURSELF It is time to also sit and understand what you value and what issues are important to you. If you care about humanity, a nonprofit is probably a better job choice for you. Honor your values. If things are not going right, maybe it is because you simply do not feel the issues are important enough and as a result, don’t give it your all. In that case, MOVE! It is better to do it at the start and rise up sooner rather than...

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