You may be finally finishing school or recently graduated. You may also be a mid-career professional who feels stagnated. You have definitely paid your dues doing coffee runs, donut runs, filing, [insert yours here]. You yearn for that perfect job bringing both happiness and contentment in your life.

Well, this can be a reality.

With experience on their side, many of the most successful career people did not start out in their dream job. But they did take steps along the way to help them succeed and feel content and accomplished. These positive vibes made these individuals more energetic and more able to carve out their life path in a cogent manner.

You can start today.

According to an article in Elle, a number of professional women were asked what advice they had when they first started their careers. Here were the findings:


G.E.M. (c)

-Take responsibility for your own career growth

-“Butt in seat” time aka visibility is important. For mid career professionals, networking is invaluable.

-Try to coordinate lunch hour with different individuals

-Flatter and be flattered. Listen more than you speak.

-Communicate in a professional manner. But communicate rather than staying silent.

-Always ask for feedback.

-Take credit for your work. Don’t get pushed over.

-If you are unsure, ASK.

-Know the details about the project you are working on. Higher ups are likely more than happy to explain it to you.

-Dress code dress code dress code.

-Never make excuses. Apologize and do better.

-Screwing up is part of the game. Learn from it, forgive and move on.

-Keep a folder in your inbox of positive emails and achievements.