On August 18, 1920, the 19th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution endowed women with the right to vote. As a minority, as a female and as a citizen, I know that I am not alone in at least feeling disturbed by this election season.

On one hand, the women’s march on a global scale this past weekend gave me a sense of hope because it displayed the sheer force and size of people coming together for a cause. On the other hand, what impacts did the march have? Did it affect the political sphere in any way? Did it work toward lessening objectification, harassment, equality? Did it increase empowerment in any way?

Although I deeply admire and respected those that marched; as an individual, I am not comfortable displaying my views outwardly. Seeing pictures of many of my friends, both male and female participating did give me some time to reflect on my thoughts on the election and empowerment.

In my opinion, there were two positive things that happened in the election. First of all, we now know that the election is not rigged. Secondly, even with all the divide and uproar that has occurred in the nation and all over the world, the political world is now going to see change.

That change can be positive or it can be negative.

And that change is up to you.

Up until this election, I thought that in the grand scheme of things, my sole vote in the election didn’t really matter. Today, I know a little better.

A vote is a very powerful thing. One can parade their views, screaming protests and post political agendas on social media accounts all day long.

But think about it.

When you walk into a polling center and get behind a private booth, that space is yours. That time is yours. Nobody on the planet can mess with it.

THAT, right there, is the power of the individual.

Privacy tends to provide a secure platform for revealing the truth.

Donald Trump, as a candidate, represented change. Whether that change is good or bad is relative. But any human being ALWAYS looks for change. It is an innate quality. Trump, by defying diplomacy, respect and at times decency completely changed the dynamics of an election process. And this is one of the reasons I feel he won.

I would like to remind you that this is a complete thought invoked article. It is by no means politically charged, supporting one candidate over the other. What we must accept now is that Trump is the new president and what WE: as women, as men, as spouses, as children, as parents, as part of the workforce, as citizens, as immigrants and as HUMAN BEINGS: are going to do.

How should we move on?

And more importantly, what are ways in which we can move on and make the place a better place to live in despite our thoughts on the current political spectrum.

The perception that I have gained from talking to people about this election is that people want to progress themselves. They are looking out for their own goals and interests as they should be. The common denominator here:

Each and every one of us WANTS to move forward.

I have not encountered one person who is happy where they are at no matter how much wealth they have, what their marital status is, or how great their jobs are. And I am sure that you have at least one area in this new year that you want to move forward in.

Why not use this amazing energy and mobility for a greater common good?

The march was a great first step; it drew people worldwide for a common cause. But what next?

How are we, a current nation and a current globe divided, going to really drive change?

Before we attack the political world, we need to look into ourselves and make a steadfast decision on what we want changed in our own lives. Perhaps a better job. Perhaps better schooling for children. Perhaps a better quality of life for yourself.

I can guarantee you that no matter what your mode of change is, YOU WILL FIND MORE PEOPLE THAN YOU THINK who want the same exact change in their lives.

Find those people. Collaborate. Mark out those common causes. Act on it in a way that is possible, effective and not endangering to others. Getting a group together can be as quick as a simple google search or putting up a feeler post on Facebook. Reach out to us at GEM if you are unsure of how to get started!

Once you find those people, work towards what you want collaboratively. If you want better education opportunities, find a group of people and fight for an overall change that WILL BENEFIT YOU AND THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU.

Sometimes silence speaks wonders. Sometimes being vocal is the only way to go. Organize an event. Mobilize something bigger. See how you can tap into policy. See how you can motivate people.

GEM is a platform for social empowerment and inspiring all of you is one of our major goals for 2017.

Use the support and help of others to fight for what you believe in.

Use a now or never approach and don’t let these precious moments, minutes and days slip by.

Let us not let the momentum and impact of the women’s march go to waste. Let us not accept what we don’t want accepted. Today, more than ever, people are willing and ready to fight for what they believe in.

The president is just one person. The government is just a handful of people. Elected leaders in any nation are men and women like you and me with some level of influence. YOU CAN ACHIEVE that influence through the POWER OF THE MASSES. All that needs to be done is a little bit of organizing…


There is no such thing as a deed or event that is too small.

The time is NOW. Make it yours. Make your surroundings a place YOU WANT TO LIVE IN.

I promise you, the world will take notice.

Love, Priyanka

The GEM team wants to know what changes you want to be made. Please share your thoughts by commenting!