Perhaps you have your dream job. Maybe you are “paying your dues” right now. On the other hand, you may be at a stagnant stage in your career. Fortunately or unfortunately, “workaholism” has become a badge of honor. Consequently, diminished work life balance may very well be the cause of burnout. According to Forbes, here are some tell-tale signs of burn out:

  1. Lack of motivation: When you don’t feel “the drive” or energy to get your work done, and/or it is difficult to get yourself to work daily.
  2. Frequent exhaustion: Even if you are getting enough sleep, you just don’t feel excited or energetic about anything. This can be mental, emotional or physical.
  3. Not able to concentrate: When you are unable to concentrate and your attention span narrows. A lack of concentration is directly tied to chronic stress.
  4. Not taking care of yourself: Unhealthy coping strategies including no motivation for self TLC, eating too much junk food, not eating healthy, being too sedimentary, consuming more alcohol or taking pills/sleep aids more than usual.
  5. Negative Feelings: While it is normal to feel bad sometimes, with burn out you may be experiencing increased negative feelings including but not limited to frustration, bitterness, skepticism and cynicism.

If you are experiencing burnout, here are some steps you can take to prevent the problem and start experiencing positive growth.

Infographic (c) G.E.M.

Conduct a check in with yourself. Identify both the signs of burnout you are experiencing and the negative consequences. Noting down trigger symptoms helps tackle the problem by making your brain more cognizant of the issue. Increased awareness results in an increased chance of finding a solution.

Take relaxation seriously. Train your brain to solely  focus on what you do to relax.

Cultivate a rich non-work life. Find a passion, stick to it and get going! Game on!


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